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"A  word rightly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver" Proverbs 25:11



Ginny has worked for me on two different occasions. I first hired her as my Staffing Manager for Metricom (now out of business) where she built a team that successfully staffed 800+ employees nation-wide during a rapid time of deployment in a tight candidate market. I subsequently hired her to help me at Atheros Communications where she has been my Sr. Recruiter successfully recruiting in all disciplines for the past 4 years.  Ginny is highly intuitive and process oriented.  She fully understands the recruitment function from front to back and can help anyone improve their recruiting efforts to attract the best candidates. I credit Ginny for finding me the opportunity at Atheros. Ginny is action-oriented and will exceed your expectations. She can meet multiple demands with a strong sense of integrity and a caring nature. 

 Sharon Thompson - Vice President Global Human Resources, Atheros Communications

Ginny had been working with her previous manager/Director HR for many years before I came onto the scene 2 1/2 years ago.   The Director of HR had told me much about her but there's no substitute for actually working with Ginny.   If someone says another person is "knowledgeable" or "reliable" or "proactive", you may have a sense for what that means but until you've actually been with Ginny and listened to her guidance, watched her meet her commitments, ask provocative questions and bring you to closure, you haven't really worked with a true professional with experience and insights to match.   I would trust any career discussion with Ginny.   

E.Martin   VP, Professional Development

Ginny was an active member of my organization's Employment Advisory Council for over 12 years. This group was comprised of over 40 HR professionals. In that role, Ginny shared her expertise with fellow Council members, conducted workshops, as well as mentoring individuals new to the HR profession. In addition, she coached, gave presentations, reviewed & assisted with resume writing and interviewing skills for our students. Ginny is a consummate professional and considered an expert her field. Not only is Ginny extremely competent but she is a person of high integrity and very fun to work with."  

Cathey Eskandari – Former Senior VP of Goodwill of Silicon Valley and Director of the Institute for Career Development

Ginny was responsible for Human Resources at Alcatel Comptech. Inc. (ACI) for about 10 years. She was responsible for the breadth of the Human Resource function within ACI. Part of her responsibility was to help staff our organization in a high demand, competitive, high technology  marketplace. She demonstrated good judgment in the area of candidate identification and screeningand effectively helped our managers through the hiring process. Ginny’s HR Generalist background along with her Staffing experience should be a strong asset to her clients in her Resume Coaching Service.

Jim Golden - former President Alcatel, Comptech Inc.

I worked for Employment Services with the Institute for Career Development (Goodwill Industries) when I first met Ginny. For at least 12 years she had been part of a volunteer group of HR professionals that met with our staff in order to support and encourage the clients in our training programs. Ginny would speak to our graduating classes and participated in mock interviews which were designed to provide interview training for our clients. Ginny always exceeded expectations and provided valuable resume feedback and coaching to our clients. Our clients gave her rave reviews for providing insight, guidance and encouragement. She has that very unique quality of putting people at ease very quickly. I highly recommend utilizing her services.

Kimberly Jensen-Columbia - HR Professional - Arizona

Ginny Kisling hired me into my first HR role right out of college. In mentoring and coaching me she helped to establish a foundation for me that would serve me well in my own career development throughout the years up to my current role as Director of HR. Her insight and guidance were invaluable. She is an amazing coach and I highly recommend her services to anyone that might have need of them.

Megan Hansen - Director of Human Resources

Ginny hired me as one of her recruiting team during a time of rapid deployment across the United States for a major player in the wireless industry. Though she was busy managing a staff of recruiters she was never short on encouragement and guidance. I owe my success in part to her support and coaching, I loved working for her! Experiencing first-hand the people skills and the experience Ginny has, I know she will be an exceptional coach and provide meaningful and valuable guidance to those that use her service.  

Ann-Marie Abbott - Maine - Business Owner -Coastal Staffing



"Ginny is action-oriented and will exceed your expectations. She can meet multiple demands with a strong sense of integrity and a caring nature"



"I would trust any career discussion with Ginny"



"Ginny is a consummate professional and considered an expert her field"




"good judgment in in the area of candidate identification and screening"



"valuable resume feedback and coaching to our clients"




"Her insight and guidance were invaluable"



"never short on encouragement and guidance" 


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