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   Ginny Kisling - Silicon Valley Veteran  

Resume and Career Transition Coach

"It's not what you say, it's how you say it"


        An Excellent Choice!

Why select Ginny? See "Bio" below and find out exactly what sets her apart from other Career Transition Coach providers.


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Do You Know . . . . .

How many touch points happen in the hiring process? Answer - MANY!

It can include a wide cross-section of  Stake-holders. Company culture and policy will dictate this but it can range from the first impression of the Receptionist to a final weigh-in by the President. Your resume needs to pass the review of everyone who weighs in on the hiring decision.


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Mini Bio - Ginny's experience includes 20 years of in the trenches in-depth HR and Recruiting Management from the inside out. She has been in the key interface roles for the decision-making process working closely with all stakeholders. 

The bottom line is that Ginny understands what it takes for you to navigate the hiring process.

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Contact Info - Ginny Kisling

"Let's Get to Work"                       Resume and Job Coach info@resumesbyginny.com www.resumesbyginny.com             408-799-9939

Privacy Statement - Your personal contact information will only be used in the course of our doing business together and will not be given to any other source at any time for any reason without your express permission.



A Business Without BoundariesNext

No matter where you are located we can work together via the telephone and internet.

Can your resume pass the scrutiny of a 10 second evaluation? Attach your resume, click here for your free ck. 

A well written resume will not have to explain itself. It will stand on it's own merits inviting the reader to want to learn  more about you and your qualifications.

Are you Experiencing . . .

  • frustration by the job search?
  • no call backs after interviews?
  • the need for a resume update?
  • mystery around the job search?
  • uncertainty in your current role?
  • little to no response to your resume?
  • doubt about your market competitiveness?

Are you wondering . . .

  • how to change industries?
  • how to explain a termination?
  • how to convey your soft skills?
  • how to showcase your key wins?
  • how to communicate about employment gaps?
  • what is the most important information for the first page? 
  • how to personalize your resume with the right information?
  • how to be succinct when you have so much great experience? 
  • how to overcome obvious employment and/or education deficits?
  • how to capture your volunteer experience in a professional resume?
  • how to communicate a transition from self-employment to direct employment?

Need help mapping your core competencies to your resume?

I can help! Like an Interior Designer, I have an "eye" to see what you may not see for yourself and translate it into an end design with a "wow" factor. It may be time for a Resume Remodel. Let me put my 20 years "in the trenches" experience as an HR Recruiting Professional and Coach to work for you. Tour my website to learn more about my Resume and Job Coaching Services. 

Even if you are gainfully employed, it is wise to be pro-active and build a strong and persuasive resume in the event of an unexpected turn of events.

ďA word rightly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver" Proverbs 25:11

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